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Connecting You To Virtual Professionals And Offshore Freelancers

 Kemecon steps up to deliver the most affordable platform for the convenience of meeting the best offshore freelancer, virtual assistant, and virtual professionals.

 Through our platform, you can do both ways of everything - hire a remote staff and download digital tools. First, Hire a graphic designer, work with a remote web developer, or create content with a writer. Delegate your task to a virtual assistant and experience a lighter workload.

 Second, access the latest niche ebooks with Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, and Resell Rights. Find your next lead magnet and build a solid online presence.

 Resources for your business are all at your fingertips with no hidden charges.

Why Choose Kemecon?

Why Choose Kemecon? Because we understand your pain, we created a solution that seeks to mend businesses and offshore freelancing, and everything in between.

  • You need a platform where you can hire a trustworthy, skilled and well-rounded virtual staff.
  • You wanted a healthy and balanced life.
  • It would help if you had to focus on the core of your business.
  • Your company demands to reduce costs.
  • Your venture needs to lay off employees, but you still need an assistant.


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How can we start at Kemecon?

- Sign up for free
- Choose your category whether a job seeker or an employer.
- Comply with the Terms of Use and Private Policy and provide the necessary information:
a. Upload Valid IDs    b. Provide social media or username.

What to post on Kemecon?

Project or task (e.g. remote freelancers: blog article writer, cold caller)
Full-time job position (e.g. digital marketing specialist)
Part-time job position (e.g. social media manager)

How to hire a virtual professional?

Post a job or project or tasks.
Receive applications or search for a candidate that fits your specification.
Connect with the rightful candidate.
Create an employment contract.

What is the difference between a full-time and a part-time job?

Full-time is used when a freelancer or independent contractor works for an employer exclusively without having another contract within the period of employment (e.g. graphic designer, web developer, content writer).
Part-time is used when a freelancer works with an employer and may still work with another client provided that the working hours and schedules are not conflicting.

What is the difference between remote freelancers from virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants usually work with clients directly or with an agency and agree to work with only one employer (e.g. remote property manager virtual assistant), while remote freelancers work per project or tasks most of the time.


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