Six Irresistible Ways to Magnet your Leads

Digital Marketing

Entrepreneurs work so much on their strategies to increase the conversion rate of prospects, from being curious cats to loyal consumers. They hire virtual assistants, remote staff to implement their plans. And one is creating lead magnets.

But, do lead magnets work?

Lead magnets are what the consumers get for free in exchange for their contact details like email addresses and names. These could be products, items, whitepapers, and services.

Some experts believe that because they're freebies, even the lowest quality contact details will register. But, others disagree. Lead magnets are effective if you pack them with worthy content. It'll help prospects see the value you're offering, eventually notching them into your buyer's journey funnel.

In simpler words, if lead magnets provide value, right and high-quality leads are drawn to you. There are two ways in creating winning lead magnets:

First, make sure they're precious that your consumers can't resist. The following are what makes a lead magnet valuable:


  1. It offers a solution and doesn't just flaunt your expertise.
  2. It's direct and easy to consume.
  3. Its content is what your agency uses too.
  4. It contains one applicable or practical step.

Second, provide valuable content fitting to each stage in the buyer's journey funnel. Lead magnets don't stop when the prospects subscribe. Continuously offer them a free value until they consider buying your product or service.

To those of you who don't know, the buyer's journey funnel refers to the path your consumer takes before the purchase, which is as follows:


Brand Awareness


In this stage, the buyer experiences symptoms of a problem or opportunity. They feel the need to improve, learn, solve or troubleshoot. In their minds, they start their sentences with the word "I need to know/ learn ____."


Their behavior is that they're actively looking for educational resources that'll help them name or frame their problems. Thus, this is the perfect time for businesses to build their authority by offering their expertise on the subject.


Main goal: Grow your prospects’ email list.


►Create an eBook to offer for free.


Most created lead magnet eBooks are a guide, a bunch of case studies, or a compilation of helpful information. No, it's not easy to make an eBook. So, what you can do is to use eBooks with Private Label Rights or Master Resell Rights. You can purchase them, rebrand them, and give them away. Offer it a bonus or promo for your paid members (MRR eBooks) or just freebies (PLR eBooks).


Kemecon offers access to eBooks as such. And, the following are tools you can use to enhance PLR or MRR eBooks:


  • Tools to get free stock images
Pexel Freepik


  • Tools to optimize images
     Tiny     Resize Image


►Use catchy infographics.


Presenting information in a compelling manner is a challenge. With limited white space to deliver information, the graphics you use should increase the value of the text. Visuals shouldn’t only beautify or grab people's attention.

You can hire a work from home graphic designer to create infographics. Or, feed on the the following software or platforms to make infographics from scratch: 


  • Kemecon Misc Stock Images. Found in Kemecon's digital library, it's a compilation of artistic and realistic graphics, PowerPoint templates, and vectors.
  • Adobe Spark. Its free version gives you access to some tools, templates, and the ability to upload your images.
  • Canva. It offers free and paid templates and tools.
  • Visme. 80% of its functionality is free.


Brand Consideration


In this stage, the buyer knows you exist. They heard or saw your brand a couple of times. And, now you're in their options! But, it takes TEN TIMES for your prospect to come across your brand name before they'd consider buying. During that time, make sure to level up the value you provide. 


Main goal: Become your prospect’s top option.


►Shoot informative videos


Associate videos in your weekly or bi-monthly email newsletter. Examples are storytelling, how-tos, webinar excerpts, case studies, social experiments, training videos, or mini masterclasses. Aim to be informative but don't forget to be fun and relatable. 

Here is a checklist of powerful video lead magnet:

  • The topic is trendy and relevant. 
  • The thumbnail is eye-catching.
  • The first 10 to 15 seconds intrigues your audience. 
  • The delivery of information is direct to the point.
  • The video is optimized.
  • The background music is age-appropriate and is not distracting. 
  • The video has subtitles so the audience can still understand, even if it's on mute. 
  • The release schedule fits your audience's time zone. 


►Offer free webinars


According to Content Marketing Institute, 6 out of 10 marketers use webinars to generate leads, especially in B2B. Some of the most popular webinar topics nowadays are self-care, how-to's, future trends, marketing analysis, and culture. When doing webinars, grab the chance to build a relationship with the audience. Initiate real-time conversations by encouraging them for feedback and suggestions and answering their questions.


Tips in making engaging webinars:

  • Make sure you master the flow of your topic. 
  • Introduce yourself, put your photo, and relate a story of your experience. 
  • Put more graphics or visuals than text.
  • Underline, encircle the portion you want your viewers to notice.
  • Don't show a slide for a few seconds. If there is, better remove it. 
  • When there are questions, show the slide where the answer is. Explain. 



Prospect's Decision

In this stage, the prospects decide on the solution. They're now ready to choose the best provider! With them are lists of the vendors they have shortlisted. They conduct a little more research to compare their options. They'll look for feedback and reviews, weigh the pros and cons, differences in the prices or fees.


Main goal: Retain your position as your prospect’s top option.


►Offer free trials


One month free trial gives ample time to prospects in deciding whether to become an actual buyer or not. As much as possible, avoid short trial periods, especially for startups. They limit buyers' time to experience your site or your product sufficiently. Thus, they might jump into drastic and unfavorable decisions.

Some tips to not TURN OFF your web visitors or your prospects are:

  • Don't require credit card information.
  • Provide an option for the user to extend their free trial period.
  • Send a personalized how-is-it-going email. 
  • Offer an early discount should your prospect decide to buy.
  • Tell them that the payment is convenient. So, consider incorporating different payment methods. 

►Show live demo

Live demos are more customer-centric than free trials as you're doing the hassle for them. Help them explore every feature and function of your software, platform or product. Uncover and highlight the pain of the buyer. Show them exactly how your product or service solves the problem that causes their pain.

In live demos, don't forget to: 

  • Collect buyer's questions about your product or service beforehand.
  • Prove your product or service is the SOLUTION to the problem.
  • Tell a story (pain, problem, product).
  • Be fun and bubbly.
  • Repeat your points. But don't overdo it. 
  • Provide an easy call to action. 

Bottom line: there are more other ways to magnetize your leads. Whichever way you decide, make sure you know how your consumers think, the answers they seek, and the path they take to find a solution. On top of that, “to give value” should be your top priority because the value or worthy content is always the force that attracts business prospects or target clients.

Digital marketers say they make 15 or more lead magnets for their strategies. But, of course, they’re not doing them alone. So, do you also want to outsource projects to virtual workforce professionals?