Most Asked Questions

How can we start at Kemecon?

- Sign up for free
- Choose your category whether a job seeker or an employer.
- Comply with the Terms of Use and Private Policy and provide the necessary information:
a. Upload Valid IDs    b. Provide social media or username.

What to post on Kemecon?

Project or task (e.g. remote freelancers: blog article writer, cold caller)
Full-time job position (e.g. digital marketing specialist)
Part-time job position (e.g. social media manager)

How to hire a virtual professional?

Post a job or project or tasks.
Receive applications or search for a candidate that fits your specification.
Connect with the rightful candidate.
Create an employment contract.

What is the difference between a full-time and a part-time job?

Full-time is used when a freelancer or independent contractor works for an employer exclusively without having another contract within the period of employment (e.g. graphic designer, web developer, content writer).
Part-time is used when a freelancer works with an employer and may still work with another client provided that the working hours and schedules are not conflicting.

What is the difference between remote freelancers from virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants usually work with clients directly or with an agency and agree to work with only one employer (e.g. remote property manager virtual assistant), while remote freelancers work per project or tasks most of the time.

Is downloading digital products unlimited?

Yes. Users are welcome to download all the digital products covered by their subscription as mentioned in the Terms of Use. You can use the resources to train your virtual workforce professionals.

Can we promote our brand on your blog site?

Yes, you can. You may also ask your VA to promote your ecommerce website here. However, please be reminded of these restrictions.

What is a virtual assistant?

A digital nomad who can do full-time or part time remote virtual assistant jobs. They are comparable to an office secretary since they have ample experience of various digital tools like project management software, Microsoft offices, google sheets, google documents, calendars, etc. A good virtual assistant is highly organized and pays attention to details. Hire a remote virtual assistant here.

How much do you pay a virtual assistant?

Remote virtual assistant services cost depending on the candidate’s length of experience and tasks to be assigned. However, as of the writing, a beginner VA is paid 2-3 USD per hour while the experienced one costs 14 USD per hour.

How do I become a virtual assistant?

To start-off check the list of VA’s must-have skills here. Apply for online jobs like remote real estate virtual assistant, VA for ecommerce store, etc. These jobs include but are not limited administrative tasks like scheduling meetings, answering emails, travel arrangements, etc. You can acquire our self-help ebooks to help you in enhancing your skills.

What are remote freelancers?

They are hired for their talent, expertise and knowledge. They can be contracted either for a short or long-term project. Examples are the web developer, graphic designer, certified professional coder jobs remote, etc. Hire a remote freelancer.

What does Legit Job Seeker badge mean?

This badge is given to Kemecon Job Seekers who successfully passed the Kemecon's identity check. The Legit Job Seekers' IDs are verified valid and true. With or without experience, they deserve a chance to be hired because they prove themselves to be trustworthy freelancers.

What does Top Performer badge mean?

This badge is only given to Top Performer Kemecon Job Seekers who are consistent in delivering quality services in their field of expertise. Job seekers will earn the badge by nailing ten consistent 5-star feedback.

What does Elite Performer badge mean?

This badge is only given to the best of the best Kemecon Job Seekers. Meaning, they have maintained their 5-star rating for years. That goes to say most of their clients are highly satisfied with their outputs. Those who maintained this badge until the end of year will receive a Kemecon surprise.

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