Does KEMECON provide a on-site job opportunities?

Yes, on this website, you also get a on-site job opportunity highlighting at the top of the job priority section. If you're recruiting an employee or seeking an onsite job search on our website and improve the chances of getting results faster. Recruiters and job seekers can both leverage this website to hire and get hired.

Is KEMECON a legitimate platform to search for jobs?

KEMECON is a legitimate digital platform to search for jobs. We give you an online board where you can effortlessly search for remote jobs from home and on-site jobs. We are moving with a vision of providing a platform where you can learn and earn simultaneously. This platform lets you show your online presence and get jobs quickly. We also welcome you to share your blog posts and publish content.

How do I post jobs on KEMECON?

If you want to post your job post, visit the website and register on the website through your email address. Upon confirmation of the email, complete your job profile or recruiter profile. Be sure to provide a valid ID and complete the process. After completing the profile, you can post your job under freelancing, full-time, part-time, and others. On this platform, you can easily hire remote staff virtual assistance and even search for remote jobs from home without hassle. It is a safe, secure, and reliable way to be in the eyes of recruiters.

Can I write a guest blog post on KEMECON?

Absolutely! We welcome guest contributions on KEMECON, However, please note that it is a paid opportunity, and to discuss the details and pricing, you'll need to get in touch with our admin team info@kemecon.com. We look forward to hearing from you and potentially featuring your valuable content on our platform.

Do you provide a free trial of KEMECON?

Yes, we do offer a free trial of KEMECON. However, you can find one job post at a time with a free trial. However, suppose you're running an agency and must post remote jobs or on site jobs timely to hire talented persons. In that case, we'll provide you with a customized plan that helps you post unlimited jobs and real-time job posting opportunities. Plus, you get the facility of video calling and messages that help you interview candidates virtually right from the platform.

What are the best features of KEMECON to search job?

KEMECON provides you best features including featured jobseekers, video calling, direct messaging and more. In features jobseekers section, you can find the top performer candidates of different field and hire either for a project or full-time. However, with video calling, you can conduct interviews from remote zone without hassles.

Why do I become a featured jobseeker on KEMECON?

Getting a badge of featured jobseeker is an ideal way to showcase your expertise to the recruiters on KEMECON. Moreover, this badge ensures you enjoy maximum exposure to remote jobs online. Moreover, on the page of featured job seekers, one ad will be featured which further improves your chances of getting the attention of the HR and recruiters. You'll also get relevant jobs in the selected field effortlessly. Contact us to become a featured jobseeker on KEMECON. Our executives will guide you through the process so you can easily be in the limelight of recruiters.

Can remote freelancers post their job to hire young talents?

This platform has been designed for individuals seeking remote job openings. If you're a freelancer and need help with your project or want to outsource someone for your project, post your project on our website. We help you connect with top freelancers who match your requirements seamlessly. Moreover, you can also post your freelance job role to get hired by the recruiters. Our motive is to provide you with the best job facilities to earn the maximum from your remote job roles.

Do I benefit from earning a top performer badge from KEMECON?

We have provided the top performer badge to the candidates who have performed exceptionally in delivering services in their respective fields. Job seekers can get this top performer badge by consistently earning 5-star feedback from the clients on their services. This badge shows that the person is credible in delivering the best services. Hence, by making this badge, you can show your expertise. Moreover, you can have better chances of being hired by recruiters when you search for remote job openings.

How much can a professional virtual assistant earn from here?

A professional virtual assistant can earn a maximum of 14 USD to 20 USD depending on their skills and the job role offered to them. However, if you are a beginner in the virtual assistance field, you can earn as low as 2 USD to 4 USD

What type of jobs can we post on KEMECON?

Recruiters can post sponsored jobs, on-site jobs and regular remote jobs in any field. Graphic designers, writers, social media managers, website developers, virtual assistants, and more are fields where you can post jobs on KEMECON. We help you find real talent based on your requirements.

Are there any limitations on posting remote jobs online on KEMECON?

If you have a free trial, you can post one remote job at one time. However, if you are an agency or company, we suggest you have exclusive packages to post unlimited jobs for automated selection of freelancers and shortlist candidates.

Do we need to create an employment contract before posting jobs?

You can create an employment contract once you find a relevant expert for your project. Ensure a duly signed contract form before hiring an employer from the platform. This ensures the employer's credibility and helps you take necessary action.

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