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Admit it; each individual wants to claim themselves as an expert in their field. At KEMECON, we aim to connect you with high-paying clients for on site jobs & remote jobs. That is why we have launched a section of features for job seekers where we provide featured job badges on the post. This lets your clientele understand you are a serious job seeker and find a genuine opportunity to work. For freelancers, earning this badge brings credibility and helps them find relevant jobs quickly.

What is a Featured Job Search?

The featured job search is a satisfactory approach to influencing industry recruiters by ranking yourself in the featured job seekers section. This emphasizes promotional value instead of relevancy. The featured jobseekers section directly matches the search intention of the recruiters and re-routes them on your promotional ads with great promotional value.

What Are The Perks of Featured Jobseekers?

Getting featured in the "featured jobseeker" section allows you to show skills with great promotional value. A few more perks of being a featured job seeker are:

More Connections: With a premium KEMECON account, you can send personalized messages to the recruiter. Moreover, recruiters can easily find you through jobseekers.

Featured Application Status: With a premium KEMECON account, you can send personalized messages to the recruiter. Moreover, recruiters can easily find you through jobseekers.

Virtual Interviews: You can conduct virtual interviews with our video calling features. Moreover, with direct message features you can straightforward connect with recruiters, jobseekers, and other for projects and jobs.

Private Job Search: WFeatures Jobseeker allows you to personalized search to connect with relevant employers and companies. Moreover, you can find projects easily through the featured section.

Build Credibility: Being featured in the jobseeker section improves your credibility and allows you to get a high-scale job that matches your profile

High-Scale Jobs: Featuring a premium jobseeker helps you get a high-scale job easily.

Types of Jobs to Be Featured in the Job Seekers Section

Here are groups of jobs we support to get a successful job under the featured job seeker section.

Data Entry Jobs

Are you looking for a remote data entry job? We have ample opportunities. Simply post your requirement as a featured jobseeker and get hired by top recruiters instantly. Having a presence on the featured job seekers page helps you connect with relevant employees and allows you to earn maximum. Whether you want a part-time data entry job from home, or full-time, get listed here and improve your chances of getting recruited.

Writing Jobs

Copywriting, content writing, and academic writing are booming career options to earn a fortune by working remotely. If you're seeking remote writing jobs, we help you find projects and writing jobs. , get featured as a talented jobseeker here, and get online writing jobs from home beyond boundaries.

Programming Jobs

Software engineers, programmers, and programming language experts can feature themselves here to find appropriate remote software engineer jobs. Get shortlisted faster by posting remote programming jobs here in the featured section.

Project Coordinator Jobs

KEMECON provides you with an opportunity for remote project coordinator jobs. Earn the badge and get features in the jobseekers section for quick responses from the recruiters.

Proofreading Remote Jobs

If you are good at proofreading, let's become a proofreader, and help writer’s teams deliver engaging content. At KEMECON, we connect you with top proofreader recruiters.

Transcription Jobs

You can also post transcription jobs from home and others. The jobseeker section allows you to recruit as per your requirements.

How Does It Work?

Here is what you need to do to get featured in the jobseeker section.

Create an Account: Create an account or register yourself on the website.

Choose Pricing Plan: You can start with a free trial or select the premium plan to leverage all the custom features of KEMECON.

Complete Profile: Complete your jobseekers profile and fill in all the vital details, including your speciality, expertise, and field. This helps to get relevant jobs.

We'll feature your profile on the jobseeker portal page based on your preferences. Featuring the jobseeker platform helps you get the desired high-scale job quickly.


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